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Best Vinyl Siding Colors

You’ll come across plenty of residences which are built with some well-known vinyl siding colors. However, these color preferences might alter depending on the area where the house is located and also over time. In case you are searching for some inspiring colors that can make your house look great, here are the top five best vinyl siding colors for your abode.

Best Vinyl Siding Colors

1. Desert Tan

It’ll be a sensible idea to go for some genuine neutral shades irrespective of where you’re residing or what particular style your residence has. Neutrals have the ability to blend properly with the surroundings and they can likewise work well with different styles and colors without hampering the attraction of the house in any way. Neutrals such as Desert Tan will be able to blend perfectly well with various accent colors like green shutters for all those who like to go for a small pop of colors.

Best Vinyl Siding Colors

2. Forest Green

Forest Green will be the ideal color for residences which are situated in the rural areas or are in the near vicinity of any forest. Although this particular shade can be a reminder of the color of the trees during the middle of summer, they can likewise work fantastically as a background color for many houses which would like to opt for bold accents, for example, a red front door or a black shutter.

3. Hearthstone

With the increasing popularity of gray shades, there was also the enhanced acceptance of shades which would blend gray with several classic neutrals, for example, tan. This will lead to a color which is almost similar to that of Hearthstone, a rich and warm neutral shade which is quite close to gray. Being warmer as compared to other shades of gray, Hearthstone will be able to combine perfectly with accent colors such as green, red, cream and orange thus making it an extremely versatile color ideal for many homes out there.

4. Olive

It might be the fact that you are an admirer of the gray shade, but prefer to add some more personality plus color to your residence; in that case, olive will be the ideal solution for you. It is just another warm green shade that is almost identical to gray while having a better universal appeal. You’ll come across this shade in residences located in the South, and also on the West Coast.

5. Flagstone

It is a fact that the gray has been the preferred shade for individuals over the years. However, anybody who prefers the idea for neutral shade but would like to go for some wild shade as well, for example, tan or cream, will definitely welcome this rich gray shade such as Flagstone. In fact, this particular shade will be able to combine properly with black and white and could also function as the background for a blue accent, which will, of course, depend on your individual taste.


Besides all these above-mentioned best vinyl siding colors, you’ll come across many more at your local retail outlet. Try to experiment with different colors till you find the one for your specific requirements that can help your residence appear better in the long run. Siding professionals at Element Exteriors can help you install your vinyl siding correctly to ensure that your home is looking its best.

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