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Do I Need Gutters Around My Entire House?

Do I need gutters around my entire house? There are two answers to that question. There are those who do not need the system, while there are others who do. Gutters play a great role in directing rain water away from your home; hence, preserving the quality of the roof along with making your home highly durable. One thing to keep in mind is if your house has been built based on a design which will resist damage caused by rain water, then you can save money by not having to install gutters in your home. If you’re not sure about what type of design was used to build your home, this guide will help you determine if whether you need gutters around your entire house or not.


If the Ground Does Not Slope Away From the House

If the ground around your home does not slope away, you will most likely need gutters in order to redirect any rain water from moving towards your home. Prior to installing gutters, you should also check the condition of the ground around your home.


If You Have Less than 6 Inch Roof Overhang

If your roof has less than 6 inches of overhang, then you may have to install gutters. You can measure the length of the roof overhang, so that you can determine if whether your roof can withstand the amount of water or not.

Homes Without Apron Concrete Around the House

If your home does not have an apron concrete around it, then you should install gutters so that it will protect the foundation of your home. Checking if your home is on strong gravel or concrete slabs will help you decide if you need gutters or not.

When the Roof is Very Shallow

If your roof is very shallow, it is recommended to install some gutters. With a shallow roof, there are high chances the roof will not hold the rain water properly. You can assess the roof after it rains heavily to see how shallow your roof is.


If You Do Not Have an Effective Rain Water Diverter

The primary purpose of gutters is to divert and control water. If your home does not have rain diverters already in place, it is a good idea to opt for gutters. You can determine if you have rain diverters on your home and what their condition is by hiring a roofer to inspect it for you.

If You Live in Areas With a Lot of Rainfall

This tip may be obvious, since you would imagine that you would need gutters if you lived in an area that sees a lot of rainfall. Some homes may already have gutters built into them, but some may not. It’s important to check on whether you have gutters or not and the condition of them if you are expecting a lot of rain. The rainwater can end up damaging your property. Therefore, it’s important to prevent any water damage to your home before it actually happens.

So,It’s important to always take the necessary precautionary measures in the case that your home may be damaged from rain water, before it’s too late.

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