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Pitched Roof Advantages

Most people avoid high rise roofs – with about 6″ height for every 12″ width, because of the initial high costs that will be incurred from buying extra materials for the extra height. However, most people don’t look at the advantages pitched roofs offer over standard roofs, which could save costs as time goes by. Before you make your roofing decision, here are some pitched roof advantages you want to know about.

Pitched Roof Advantages

1. More Storage Space

Pitched Roof Advantages

Generally the more air space you have, the bigger your attic can be. So you can store all your seasonal items as well as long term items – from Halloween decorations all the way to your kids’ first grade paintings. Since you already have lots of empty air space, the cost of installing the attic will be considerably lower.

2. Less Water Pooling, So Reduced Chances Of Rust

This isn’t necessarily because the quality of the material is better, but because the slope of a pitched roof is steeper than most roofs. The more steep a roof is, the less time water spends on it before reaching the gutters. Therefore, if you compare one traditional roof with a pitched roof, made from the same material, overtime you’ll find that the pitched roof looks newer, and will have less leaks.

3. More Decorative Options, Stand Out More

Almost everyone can see steep roofs miles away. So if you want, you can decide to be as crazily artistic as your eclectic mind will allow you. Even if you don’t do anything special, your house could still be used as a landmark because of how visible it will be with a pitched roof.

4. Snow Resistance

Pitched roofs are snow resistant for the same reason they’re water resistant. Their steep angle causes snow to slide right off the roofs, instead of accumulating and turning into ice. The more snow stays on your roof, the more moisture gets into your house, which means heating takes longer and costs more. Moreover, the more moisture gets into your roof, the more prone to damage it becomes. That’s why you’ll see more pitched roofs in colder parts of the country.

5. Less Accumulated Dirt

Dirt from trees tend to slide right off the roof when the land, or at the very least are forced off the roof when there’s a heavy rain. This means less time or money spent cleaning your gutter.

6. Energy Saver

Steep roofs are designed to allow air flow through the eaves and out the ridges. This keeps the roof from accumulating ice during winter, thus reducing the amount of time it will take your heater to work.

7. Lasts Longer

This is a side effect of most of the pitched roof advantages already seen above. Due to how steep the roof is, it can withstand the elements much better, meaning less moisture retention, less leakage and therefore less repairs.


Although many people stray away from getting higher roofs, they typically don’t weigh out the pros and cons of having either. These were a few pitched roof advantages to consider before making a big decision such as redoing your roof. Good luck!

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